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NeftyBlocks: Innovation and Community

EverSmart Labs is proud to call NeftyBlocks our home.  NeftyBlocks has long been an innovator in the NFT space and is the #1 Trade to Earn NFT Marketplace on WAX.

With new functionality coming at a rapid pace and a community focus, they’re going to show the older generation of marketplaces how things should be handled.

The current NFT creator offers you:

  • Creating Collections
  • Creating Schemas
  • Creating Templates
  • Locking the max supply of existing templates to match the circulating supply
  • Preview any NFT image
  • Preview any NFT video
  • Minting NFTs in bulk (1000+)
  • Minting with mutable and/or immutable attributes
  • Manage collection permissions

With their user-friendly GUI and a really helpful staff based in Discord, making an NFT is so easy, even a grandmother can do it.

Watch our most recent interview with Juan from Neftyblocks and judge for yourself.


The Dev Team and Staff at Nefty are introducing 3 different reward mechanisms through the NeftyBlocks Rewards page.

  • Staking NEFTY to earn WAXP.
  • Farming NEFTY by providing liquidity.
  • Earn NEFTY by listing, buying and selling NFTs exclusively on NeftyBlocks.

Use these trading rewards to participate in play-to-earn games, support new creators, take part in the WAX tokenomics, collect more NFTs from your favorite collection, or stack WAXP! So, how does it work?

Stake your NEFTY:

NeftyBlocks collects a marketplace fee of 2% on all secondary NFT sales. They are sharing a portion of that Marketplace fee with YOU if you Stake your NEFTY!  If you are a creator or collector and you are already staking NEFTY, you are automatically accumulating WAXP rewards. The WAXP rewards are claimable by the wallet that staked the NEFTY.

Right now, it’s a varying percentage rate until the end of the 6th month when the percentage will go to it’s limit of 25%.  The percentages are subject to change due to climate and market activity.

Farm your NEFTY:

Next, you earn NEFTY by providing liquidity. Only liquidity that is provided through the NeftyBlocks Rewards page is eligible to receive NEFTY rewards. The rewards you can collect are proportional to your share of the WAX/NEFTY liquidity pool.

And Finally (But most imporantly)

Trade NFTs to earn NEFTY:

By listing, buying and selling NFTs exclusively on the NeftyBlocks Trade to Earn marketplace, you earn NEFTY tokens. Traders are rewarded with a total of 10,000 NEFTY tokens per day. You can claim rewards daily. The rewards are based on your proportional share of secondary market trading volume over 24h.

To increase the WAXP you earn from staking, the NEFTY trading rewards are automatically staked. This way, you are compounding the rewards you get from staking. You can always decide to unstake your NEFTY and stop earning WAXP. There is an unstaking period of 72h.

On the WAX Blockchain, any NFT listing on any marketplace is visible across all marketplaces. Only NFTs that are listed, bought or sold through the NeftyBlocks marketplace are eligible for earning NEFTY rewards. Don’t miss out! We have made it easy for you to start earning on your NFT sales. Use the Migrate Listings button on the NeftyBlocks rewards page to start earning on your NFTs in 1 simple click.