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EverSmart Meta Game (EMG)

EverSmart Meta Game (EMG) – the community driven strategy game that lives in the metaverse between IRL Smart Communities and the virtual NFT world.

There is no web app, the game lives in meta. With an exciting NFT mix of founders key collectibles, multi-purpose art pieces, ongoing blending mechanisms, and a staking platform that ties them all together, participants determine the optimal strategy to mine the most tokens. Supported by the resource-backed economy of EverSmart City, the tokens will have a growing utility within the IRL smart communities AND the virtual worlds of the EverSmart brand partners.

Phase One:

Everything starts with the EverSmart City: Founders Key NFT. You can purchase Founders Key Packs with your WAX wallet at: https://neftyblocks.com/c/eversmartlab/drops/106371

Read more about the Founders Keys HERE

Phase Two:

Coming soon…

NFT Mining Power Hierarchy

  1. Golden Founders Key – Omniscient Rarity
  2. Founders Key – Genius Rarity
  3. Founders Key – Brilliant Rarity
  4. Founders Key – Smart Rarity
  5. Coming soon…

Watch this space, this page will be updated, we are just getting started!!!