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EverSmart City: Founders Key NFT – Unlock The Door To A Sustainable Future

EverSmart City: Founders Key NFT

EverSmart City: Founders Key NFT – Unlock The Door To A Sustainable Future


The day has come to drop the EverSmart City Founders Key NFT on the WAX community, and also the new participants joining the network! For a more in-depth understanding of the EverSmart ethos, please read our recent blog post on The Introduction To Sustainable Gamification. The EverSmart Team has been recording a series of podcasts and jumping on various livestream shows to spread the great word, and below is a recent discussion with the incomparable WAX juggernaut Kenn Bosak…

Founders Key NFT Details

Unlock the door to a sustainable future with the highly anticipated Founders Key NFT from EverSmart City – the groundbreaking IRL Real Estate development project fully integrated with blockchain and tokenized with NFTs. This super-powered NFT collectible qualifies the holder as a perpetual founding member of the EverSmart community, and membership rights can simply be transferred if the NFT is ever sold or traded.

When Founders Key NFTs evolve into multi-purpose “staking assets”, they will always have the highest collective mining power of any public NFT series minted by EverSmart Labs, and holders will always remain on the exclusive whitelist for future brand partner series. 

10,000 Packs have been minted, each containing (1) Founders Key NFT with randomized attributes that will dictate mining power. These attribute banners shown inside the NFT image (solar, wind, EV charger, greenhouse, farmer’s market, logo) will have correlation to both the IRL Smart Community AND virtual world representations of EverSmart City and its development partners.


There are four different Founders Key rarities that will also help determine the mining power of each NFT. Generally speaking, the more rare the NFT the higher the mining power…BUT there may be a few surprises here as certain attribute banners may end up with special powers. Specific mining powers of each NFT will be revealed in coming months as we get closer to the launch of the Staking Platform. Here is the probability of each rarity:

  • 0.01% chance for Omniscient Rarity
  • 2.80% chance for Genius Rarity
  • 26.00% chance for Brilliant Rarity
  • 71.19% chance for Smart Rarity

The Golden Founders Key

Behold the Golden Founders Key of EverSmart City! There is only ONE Golden Key NFT out of the 10,000 Founders Keys minted, and the holder of this Key will possess tremendous power and influence. Congratulations to whomever opens their pack and finds this incredible gem. This NFT will have the highest mining power of ALL public Founders Keys, and it will unlock special “doors” to both the virtual and IRL representations of EverSmart City. If you hold this Key in your wallet, brace yourself for an extraordinary journey.

NOTE: The Golden Key is only 100% guaranteed to be revealed if all 10,000 packs are sold, otherwise it may get burned in the scarcity mechanism after the sale. So spread the word and let’s make sure the Golden Key lives!!!

The Sale Period

Starting at 8pm EST on March 11th, 2022, the public NFT sale will run until June 10th, 2022, on the NeftyBlocks marketplace, unless all the packs are sold earlier at which time the sale will end immediately.

The collection page where you can login with your WAX wallet and buy the NFTs is here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/eversmartlab

Partners, Blending, and New Artwork

In the work in the upcoming months, some of the new EverSmart partnerships will be revealed along with some new blending mechanisms for the Founders Key NFTs. Soon after we will begin to introduce new artwork series that will further our story of a sustainable future. Enjoy the ride and we’ll see ya soon:)

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