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EverSmart City is introducing the world’s first smart city fully integrated with blockchain technology.

Imagine a community with affordable homes and small businesses constructed from shipping containers, each built to last a minimum of 100 years, and resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and fire.

Entrepreneurs own and operate ground-level storefronts and live directly above.

Renewable energy powers the community.

Healthy, sustainable agriculture keeps residents and neighboring communities well-fed.

An event and community center, a collaborative workspace, a maker space, and lively art and cultural scene ensures engaging opportunities abound to create, learn, and explore.

Add to the mix an accredited charter education for preschool through high school, focused on experiential learning that fosters future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Does it sound like a dream?

It’s closer than you think.

Join us, and let’s make this dream come true!

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Funding portal doors open soon for the opportunity to claim a stake in the world’s first tokenized smart city.

EverSmart is offering a bonding curve investment, available for accredited investors with at least $100K to invest. The bonding curve model allows the earliest investors to receive prime share prices.

Click the below to add your contact information and we’ll notify you when the funding portal doors open. You’ll gain a 48-hour head start before we announce the opening to the public.

By the way, your contact info will be safe with us. We promise to keep it in-house, locked up behind a Vibranium vault, enchanted by protection spells, and as a final measure, guarded by an old but faithful junkyard dog named Pinky.