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Atomic Hub Collection

Atomic Assets was first launched in February 2020 and the Atomic Hub Marketplace for NFTs was launched in June 2020.  Atomic Hub marketplace allows any uniquely created and original artworks to be listed on its platform.  It has long been considered the gold standard in Marketplaces for WAX.

EverSmart labs will be contributing to Atomic Hub as well by bringing you not only innovative NFT’s, but we will also be showcasing artistic talent in all its forms.  There will be pieces from local artists as well as larger known artists, there will be collections from musical artists as well, there will be fun collections, and a lot more, all of which will be stakable on our staking platform.


EverSmart Labs is proud to present our collection on Atomic Hub.  You can see our collection here: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/eversmartlab