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Organization for the EverSmart City ™ project began in the Summer of 2019 by the three founders, and has since expanded to include a Top Tier Operations Team, Advisory Board, and Internship Program.


Sophia Olivas

Co-founder 1WorldNow Hedge Fund, CEO of Greythorn Marketing, Real Estate Investor, United Nations Rep Candidate and Speaker on Women's Financial Sovereignty.

David Werba

Co-founder/Manager 1WorldNow Hedge Fund, Blockchain Advisor at Emanate (EOSIO) and multiple EOSIO startups, Founding Team member and former CMO at Musicoin (Ethereum), Cybersecurity expert and former DOD contractor assisting Rescue Operations in the fight against Human Trafficking, Large scale web developer since 1999.

Mark Anthony Thompson

CEO at The Top Tier, Mobile Home Transporter and Park converter, Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Lender, Tax Lien expert and teacher with over 2000 students.