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Welcome to EverSmart Labs

The groundbreaking tech team behind EverSmart City, SmartMoose Inc, and the upcoming bridge to the Metaverse:

We designed the world's first tokenized economy for Smart Cities backed by Real Estate, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and more. NFTs will be used to incentivize residents and also engage the global community.

We are part of a coalition of projects with a unified mission to foster growth and awareness of alternative energy usage and lower carbon footprint. Together we are developing a mind-blowing NFT staking platform with powerful new features not yet seen in the NFT world, supported by the resource-backed economy of EverSmart City AND all the NFT series launched by EverSmart Labs and SmartMoose Inc!

We are pioneering a new wave of what NFTs can and will represent moving forward. We coined the phrase ``Sustainable Gamification`` - it's the recipe that's baked into every NFT series we launch.

Embrace The Future With EverSmart!
EverSmart City: Founders Key NFT